Saturday, February 16

Shinny Things

Spent the morning purchasing useless shit off of amazon as I attempt to fill the gaping spiritual/emotional hole inside of me with material objects. That works, right?

Tuesday, February 12

I want to hold more in my hands but my fingers are too clumsy. Entire paragraphs slip through my grasps--people pass right by without notice or attention.

I want to take larger steps, but I've yet to grow into the limbs of an adult whose feet are much bigger than mine. So, I fumble. I fall. I get back up because I'm trying to know what it feels like to be a body that travels intentionally.

I want. I want. I want. I. I. I. When is the story ever about anything else?

Probably that moment when you realize the sound of your own stories bore the shit out of you.


Friday, February 8

Wow. Cried for 20 minutes before it hit me: I'm sitting here crying like an asshole while you're having a great time with your friends giving zero fucks about my feelings.

Then I started laughing hysterically because I'm supposed to be a feminist.

And now, I'm over it.

Thursday, February 7

Fatties are Funny

I'm on this new diet where I don't eat anything but aggressively watch food porn. I find myself masturbating to pictures of fried chicken a lot. So, I guess it's going okay.

Tuesday, February 5

Fuck Your Moral Compass.

You know that moment when you're absolutely wrong in the way you treated someone you love (because you're immature and don't know how to express love to people in non-harmful ways) but they're so fed up with you because you consistently repeat the same things that hurt them (which they've specifically asked you to stop doing) and then they finally break down and give up on you and all you can do is stare at your fucking toes hoping you don't vomit in their car?

Oh. You don't do that? Yeah. That's right. It must be because you're a decent fucking human being who isn't a shitty friend. My bad. #assholeproblems