Thursday, August 4

Silly Rabbit, Theory is for kids.

What I find most difficult about theorizing is getting to the bone. Past the fleshy bits, the appendages and organs, past veins and muscles that keep me together, sewn shut beneath your gaze. The funny thing is I don’t even have all of my body. I’ve got a few toes and fingers, an eyeball and a nose, a torso propped up on quivering thighs—half a nipple and no heart. It takes time and care to come into a body. I’ve given myself neither of those things.

Instead, I’m imagining a better way of living and it isn’t away from you. Isolation could never suit me. I learn from my relationship with your palms. They tell me the secrets of my grandfather. They tell me about what the world was like before either of us could talk.

I’m not an academic but I wear her skin well. I’ve pinned her to my body to look like a grown-up, but her feet are much bigger than mine. Her steps are too wide. I could never cover that much ground.

How can I prove to you that my words are genuine when I wonder where they come from? The words we come to know have been passed down to us—have been given to us for a reason. What is the reason for my words? Each I-me-my arrived from your chest the way you hold in breathes to stay alive a little longer. Every book I’ve ever read, every article I’ve ever seen, every piece of pop culture I’ve ever analyzed—this is what it means to be human. My body was directed towards those words for a reason. I was pulled towards you for a reason.

I just can’t figure out why yet.


Anonymous said...

One word, treadmill. Whether you made the first flight or not is irrelevant. You are obviously physically in a state that's not healthy. Get that way, problem solved and cheaper flights. Yeah it's about the bottom dollar. Including my tax dollars covering the extra medical work you'll need later in life for living that lifestyle. Sorry they arse's about it but the bottom line is if you were healthy that never would have been an issue.

Dana Seilhan said...

Dear Anonymous Coward:

Nutrition and health and weight are some of my life's obsessions. I make it my business to read about this stuff and get multiple sides of the story as to what people with letters after their names think is going on with the whole chronic metabolic disease thing. In other words I don't take all my secondhand crap pseudo-news from the tabloid media.

A few points:

1. You do not have to be fat to develop metabolic syndrome. (You are on the internet, lazyass. Go look it up.)

2. You do not have to be fat to develop type 2 diabetes.

3. You do not have to be fat to develop heart disease.

4. You do not have to be fat to develop cancer.

5. All of these diseases cost extra taxpayer dollars and a skinny person is just as likely to cost you that money as a fat person is.

6. And it would help if society and the freaking government would stop lying to us about how to eat healthy, because health and normal weight are at least 80 percent dietary composition, and probably more than that.

7. The treadmill will not accomplish jack squat. Aerobic/cardio exercise does NOTHING to lose you any weight unless you are eating so few calories that your body starts burning up bone and muscle just to keep you alive. That is not going from fat to skinny. That is going from fat to skinny-fat and from relatively alive to mostly dead.

When you have some idea what you're talking about and have the nads to post under your own name, as I have (and I am the only person on the entire planet with this name--braver than you), come back and tell all us fatties how to lose weight--until then, go get you some labs done, find out how unhealthy you really are, and shut the hell up. Because only someone who is metabolically and mentally screwed up from years of malnutrition would get ugly(-minded) enough to leave comments like yours.

Have a nice day.