Tuesday, June 15

Summer is a Comin'...

Recently, my mom has taken to calling my dad fat. He is very upset by this and has retaliated by lacing her coffee with sugar. She is a diabetic.

I find their heated exchanges extremely amusing in the sickest way possible. Yet, they've never been happier together. Their relationship is less strained and they've been found cuddling on several occasions. I am perturbed, to say the least...

I'm roasted, in a tragically literal sense. I spent most of the morning gallivanting around Orlando on my little adventure with Andrew. I'm also quite displeased. It seems that he only wants to spend time with me so that he can attempt to snog. Me. Again. Ugh. Fucking asshole. Why I put up with his bullshit, you may wonder? He has a nice Porsche. Kidding (almost, anyway).

I felt very productive today. We have a slew of guests coming to visit us in the next few months, so my dad has made arrangements to make our house more visitor friendly---meaning, I made arrangements to make our house more visitor friendly. I spent hours pulling weeds, trimming, primping, and watering the neglected jungle that disguises itself as our backyard. I'm surprised most of the vegetation survived this winter.

This has always bothered me. I've always felt like our house is a vacation home to all of my parents' relatives and friends and that during the holiday months especially, I am displaced from my room. I particularly don't like the idea of people snooping around my shit and using my lotion. I'm very ardent about people not using my lotion. It's my fucking lotion. Back off.

But summer is in full swing and I am not naive enough to believe myself capable of stopping the cruel parade of barbecues, parties, and annoying familial relations from invading my typically introverted ways. I have the play the role of dutiful hostess. I hate it.


P.S. That's a picture of the basil I planted a week ago. It's beautiful. :)

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