Monday, May 31

Tell Me Anything You Want, Any Old Lie Will Do...

Currently indulging in the beauty of the Fleet Foxes Ragged Wood album. Their music is simply pretty. Listening to it makes me feel light inside. :)

What makes good art? Forsaking subjectivity is certainly not an option. With any given standard we run the risk of modernism. I'd rather eat my own foot than be called a modernist.

I feel my brain slowing turning all gooey like the insides of a rotting banana. I am becoming weak in the mind and such a thing scares me. I'm so desperate for intellectual stimulation, I'm pushing dialogue out of people clearly uninterested.

You have to understand though. I need to flex my critical thinking muscles. I have to read up on theoriticians. I need to devour more philosophy. My days are empty. It is the pattern of work, television, exercise and sleep. If I have any hope of surviving in this house, I need to get my brain back in shape.

These days I find myself preoccupied with silly things. Like getting a manicure and playing poker. Like diet food and summer dresses.


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