Monday, February 8

Listening to: Broken Bells
Things lost: Wallet
Sense of Humor

I should probably be working on outlining West or taking a POCO quiz or writing a critical summary for Lit, but I don't really feel like it.

Instead, I've been letting myself get acquainted with some new music---this album in particular is one that boy-bestie has gotten me hooked to.

I can't help the fact that I hate coming home. I hate being around these people and being involved in these toxic relationships. I really do try. You know, some things shouldn't be THAT big a deal. Yes. I can't find my wallet. I'm sorry. Okay? But is it the end of the fucking world? Is it reason enough to crucify me over? Seriously? Why am I the punching bag?

So you had a bad day at work. Why the hell are you taking it out on me?

I stay away from you for a reason.

It's because I hate you. Everything about you all disgusts me.


I'm trying to write something positive.




Now fuck off.



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Gabi said...

I wish you would trust us.