Thursday, October 1

You're The Paint In My Picture of a Most Unusual World...

I was thinking that the Shins are really a staple in any music diet---no empty calories there. They're kind of like an Asian kid's rice, except, you know, not only are they comforting and tasty and necessary, but they're good for you too. Maybe they're considered brown rice, then...?

I dunno.

If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty hungry at the moment. I had enough food to tie me down for a few hours which was physically filling but mentally unsatisfying. And how can this be, you ask, when I work in a pizzeria? Well, friend, I don't like Italian food. Or sushi. I realize the two don't correlate, but I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of my dislike of sushi. Ew.

My spirits are up, mostly because I read J. Mraz's blog and I could weep with joy. His words fill my head and heart with a sense of self, somehow. No, this isn't the fangirl in me talking. This has nothing to do with his boyish good looks or seductive voice that is so buttery smooth you could melt it on morning toast after a good night's fuck (erm, actually, it'd never be a 'fuck' with him. He'd call it 'love making', just because he's that kind of guy).

I digress. It has nothing to do with that, honest. It's the power in which he commands language that is so attractive to me, that it in turn inspires me to write. He stirs in me a desire to be better because the world is greater than myself, and I am integral in ensuring its beauty lasts. My little insignificant self can do good.

If I could ever say anything to that man, it's that he has forever altered me through the mystics of telepathy, 'cos I know we'll never be near in body. That's doesn't even matter. I hope to do the same someday, when I stop fighting with the voices in my head and embrace the crazy awesome that is me. I'll give a little sunshine to those hopelessly lost and show them that there's no such thing as hopeless---that it's just an arbitrary word stuck in binary opposition. Let it go, and it'll never have to exist again.

P.S. I'm trying out the whole 'provocative writing' thing. How does it sit with you?
P.P.S. Not really sure how I personally feel about it, aside from thinking it's kinda funny...
P.P.P.S. I'm ruined!
P.P.P.P.S. I've been waiting all week to use the word 'arbitrary'. :)

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