Wednesday, October 28


Today has been bizarre, to say the least. I'm emotionally and physically drained and I'm not really sure if I can handle anything else being thrown at me.

Family and friends are a rotten mess right now, and I think I'd be happier if I either didn't exist anymore or if I went off into the woods and lived out my life as Big Foot's mistress. I sure hope he's romantic...

Last night, I dreamt that I was married, with kids, in white suburbia. If that wasn't strange in and of itself, my husband was ardent about breast feeding our children. Himself. As in: 'I'm going to inject myself with hormone enhancers in order to lactate.'

I'm sure you're sitting here, pretty creeped out. I know I was. But then I actually started thinking about it.

That's some intense shit. That's a man so comfortable with his identity, with his sexuality, that he's willing to do something deemed effeminate in order to have a deeper connection with his baby (everyone knows that breast feeding promotes a healthy attachment to one's mother---except for Freud; the bitch, who saw it as cause for our oral fixation).

This act would turn about all preconceived notions of motherhood and fatherhood---can you even imagine? It questions the very foundations of our nuclear family. It's anarchy.

Maybe I do want to marry a man who's willing to breast feed our children, if only to make a point. Maybe it'd be kind of sexy. Who knows?

Eh. Let it sit for a while. Think about it. Then react. I know the gag reflex is strong, but you'll have to control yourself, friend.

Anyway, I've got a paper to write.


P.S. This is a really interesting dream which I may turn into a short story fiction piece for my creative final. We'll see.
P.P.S. Though, I am working on a feminist game board/play with Adriana.
P.P.P.S. Maybe I'll do both?

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