Sunday, June 21

Insanity Is Where It's At, Babbbby....

Oh God...

What if I'm a bad kisser? What if my husband is too? What if we're a bad kissing couple and we never even realize it? What if we have boring sex?

And then he decides to leave me for a stripper named Candie?

Ew. Ew. EW.

I'm not very good with the whole physical contact thing. I can only comfortably hug maybe a handful of people, and only one of them is a boy. Is there something wrong with me, I wonder...?

Human contact is suppose to be good for you. It's suppose to make you feel good, no? Then why do I cringe at the mere thought of it?

Yeah, something must be wrong with me.

Why am I even thinking about these things? Geez. I have gone crazy.


1 comment:

Gabi said...

Fuck humans.

Anyway--dinner at your place? Yes? Please? When? And, by your place, I mean pizza shop.