Tuesday, May 12

Betch Fest

I'm so very sad and feeling utterly alone. I haven't seen/physically spoken to my friends in ages. I just really wish they would enjoy their summer. My dad needs me right now and I can't let him down. I've been letting him down all my life, so I don't care what I have to give up to make sure that I don't fuck up. I've got to hold it all together, especially since he's under so much pressure right now. He's sad, too, I know.

To make matters worse, May will be over in an instant and then it'll be June and I'm getting closer to dying.

Is there any way to make birthdays less painful? No? Fan-bloody-tastic.

I gave up on them when I turned eleven and didn't get my Hogwarts letter.

I'm super late for work. BYE.

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