Sunday, April 5

You're Lovely, But You're Empty/ Poem Five...

"You risk tears when you let yourself be tamed."

All the greatest pearls of wisdom can come from this simply little story. I suggest you read it, if I haven't given it to you already---as though it were gospel. It ought to be. Blasphemy. Oh, well.

Fly your outer orbits around a little planet,
No larger than a house made of bright red brick,
Maybe you can't you imagine such a place,
If you look from the eyes of a grown-up.

See, on this planet is something rare, indeed,
Hard to divine with the eyes, it only exists in your heart beat.
There's a boy and a flower, a very silly flower
So vain and so proud, with fierce claws to fight off the tigers.

He didn't know how to love her, she didn't know what he needed.
But you're responsible for everything you tame,
And you can't escape, even to universes beyond.
That little flower, that vapid little flower,
Was important because she was tamed,
Because she tamed that silly little boy;
She was the only flower in all the world,
To her only Little Prince in all the world.

P.S. Sleeeeeeeeep.

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