Wednesday, April 22

Poem Ten...

I’ll never be your dream girl.
I won’t fit in the palm of your hand,
Or be cute enough to make the guys jealous.
I won’t ever be sweet enough, or sensitive enough, or understanding enough.
Or sexy enough,
But I’m fierce
Because when Maya Angelou wrote ‘I am wo-man’
She was talking about me.

I’ll always be the girl who’s just a little clumsy,
Sort of awkward and very round.
But I’ll also be the girl who makes you smile with my ridiculous antics,
My random messages, asking you to moon walk when you just want to Earth walk.

I’ll be the girl to push you out of your moods
And say the right and wrong things
And encourage you to pursue your dreams
The ones you never had the courage to risk it all for,
Who’ll make you feel like a boy trying to grow into a man.

I’ll be the girl who drags you out yourself to play in the sunshine,
Even though it’s the last thing you seem to want,
It’s the first thing you really need.
I’ll be the girl who needs you just as much as you need me.
Who tells you when you’re a stubborn asshole
And when you need to give more and take less, you selfish dick.


Rafiya said...

I hate maya angelou!!!! f*ck woman empowerment


Amanda said...

Who wrote this? I love it.