Wednesday, April 1

Poem One...

It's National Poetry Month. I'm going to write a new poem everyday. A few will be winners, while most will suck.

I wrote this five minutes ago. It's not very good, but I honestly didn't have much time today. But, I did it. :)

Today, after exhausting myself with tiring matters
Of a trivial life
I’ve decided to be indulgent.
I’m going to dedicate verses and stanzas
Marbled monuments erected in my word processor,
To the tortured soul within.
Oh, how my tears weep upon the page
In a never ending stream of metaphor
Stagnant clocks chiming when you sleep,
And tiny boats sailing across a four inch pond.
Add a hyperbole in good taste,
I roasted on my long and lonely walk of life.
It’s true, indeed.
Sprinkle inner struggle, just a dash.
To eat humans, or not to eat humans,
Should never be the question.
Stir in angst counterclockwise
Before the moon rises on the third night.
I would begin to explain how misunderstood I truly am,
But that would defeat the purpose
Of any self-respecting misanthrope.


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