Sunday, April 5

Poem Four...

We want such impossible things, sometimes. It's heartbreaking. Adriana calls it the 'shit fantasy' and I agree.

But we're dreamers, and we keep at it, even though every bit of our suppressed realism or nihilism calls out against it.

I want you to know it's okay, though. It's okay to hold onto that shit fantasy, because it's all we have; it's all we have that can make us better, that can make any of this better, really.

I'm not a very rich girl.
All I can offer you is my heart.
It isn't much and it won't last very long,
But it's yours, so no take backs.
You broke and ran out the store
Before I could tag you with the price,
An eternity of emotional neediness
And instant gratification.

This poem needs time and work and love, it's just an idea right now. I'll come back to it and actually create something out of this---I'll coax a story from the empty words.

Good night, for now.


P.S. The picture was taken at a thrift shop---we were looking for funky jewelry. I totally had glasses like these growing up. Yes, I was (and still am) a loser.

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