Tuesday, March 31

Pseudo-Intellectual Spews Verbal Diarrhea...

I hate pretentious people. No one thinks you're nearly as fabulous as you think you are. You're actually rather rotten.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, and the only way to feel a little less whelmed is by writing about how overwhelming everything is--- I think.

I want to read something funny. Like, gut-wrenching funny, but I've only got tragedies on hand. And searching fictionpress is too time consuming and discouraging.

Sometimes, I try to think like a post-modernist, but I end up wanting to vomit. Surrealism and nihilism can do that you...

It makes me dizzy, thinking of all the endless possibilities when truth is relative. It's a very messy business that leads to passivity, recklessness, and irresponsibility. Though I often condone chaos, it's only to rebel against social structures and norms---there must be a catalyst for anarchy, there must be momentum for social movement (often times being civil unrest). However, with post-modernism, every action can be justified, no matter how horrendous, with an 'it's all about perception' comment thrown callously into the argument. Therefore, there is no intense feelings of unrest, unease, dissatisfaction. It enables stagnation of the worst sorts. When we don't understand that human suffering is wrong---that it is an absolute regardless of culture, society, the individual--- we are indeed emotionally stunted. We are numb, as a whole.

Then again, my views can be considered contradictory.

I love arguing that truth is relative, but I know that's just for fun in most (if not all) cases. There is a truth, whether it be divine or organic or whatever you want to call it. To argue the syntax is pointless. Enjoyable, invigorating, but pointless nonetheless.

Honestly, if there is no universal truth, if there is no ultimate anything, where the hell do we stand. There are absolutes, my friend---it's called natural law. You cannot transgress the boundaries of natural law, regardless of how hedonistic and badass you think you are.

That's all.


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Libertine said...

I like these themes. You inspire me to write.