Wednesday, March 25


I have to get out of this place and away from these people. I really do, because it’s killing me. And nobody gives a damn. That bastard makes my life hell. There isn’t such a thing as justice, because he gets away with everything. He can say whatever he wants to me, he can push me around, and no one fucking cares. Mom will always defend him, I will always be the bad one no matter how hard I try. Dad can’t fight for me because he wants peace. I can’t fight for myself because I never win.

I don’t even WANT him to drive me anywhere. I avoid it as much as I can because all he does is bitch at me and tell me that I‘m worthless and that everyone hates me and that I‘m killing mom. Not a moment of peace. Not a moment when Bobby and Asima are telling me I should just die.

It isn’t fair. Dad doesn’t understand. He’s not there when they’re doing this to me and then they both team up against me and make me out to be the liar.

I just want to get my damn license. I want to get my license, take my money, and drive as far away from this shithole as I possibly can. Let them destroy themselves, I don’t need it.

I wish someone would hear my side. For once. Just once. I want to them to hear my side. My side. Will someone please hear my side?

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