Sunday, November 2

I'm Too Old for Trick-or-Treating...

We use to have so much fun during Halloween.

I remember the three of us---me, Vera, and Bobby---running like crazy kids down the streets, pumpkin light refractors in tow while our parents kept a watchful eye of us from afar. We’d go out in our homemade costumes that never quite looked right. I remember always wanting to be whatever Vera was and how she would get so upset that her bratty little cousin was always trying to steal her thunder. She’d go stomping to her mum, ready to throw a fit, and her mum would only say, “Oh, she’s the little one. You can both be *insert Disney princess*”

That’s probably why V and Bobby walked a ways ahead of me. Or they could have just been excited about candy---the fatties---and had forgotten that my short little legs couldn't get me as far quick enough.

And, as if on business, we systematically tore the streets hitting each house on the block. Then we’d beg and pled with our parents to take us to the other neighborhoods so we could get more candy even though we had to empty out our bags at least twice already. Someone would grudgingly take us by car and we were once again invincible.

Then when the night was over, we’d sit around in a circle, several feet apart from each other, and dump all the candy in front of us. We’d count out how many pieces each one of us had and the one with most was declared Halloween champion.

Of course, there was the candy stealing---mainly complimentary of Bobby---to try and win the title and battles would break out. We’d shout and then I’d start to cry until the adults told us it was time for bed and that I was the winner. Life is good when you’re a kid.

I feel bad for Asima and Tarn. They’ll never have Halloween the way we did.


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