Monday, September 29


I'm still thinking about SLC.


Sunday, September 14

Blindly Blinded...

I've realized that I'll never feel what I ought to feel for God. Prayers and fasting are all useless to me---mechanical motions I force myself to go through.

Where is the heart in it? Where is the blind faith?

I wish I could get the satisfaction that I see all those around me have. I wish that God would purify my soul, my thoughts---me. I wish he would chose to guide me to piety.

Then I wouldn't feel so guilty and hedonistic.

Or bloated. But I think that has more to do with Taco Bell then Mr. Divine, Himself.

Saturday, September 13

Hide and Go Seek Around...

It's so hard to find words these days. They've hidden themselves from me, perhaps as a shield from the endless fog in my mind.
Perhaps a shield from the reality.

Writing is my instrument for truth. Without it, I can neither make distinction between fiction and reality, nor right and wrong.

This is a right ol' mess.


P.S. I never got to see my dearest Billy Collins. Maybe there is hope for the Jason Mraz concert----if fate wills it.

Monday, September 8

Muga Me Endlessly...

I'm tired of writing letters to no one.

hahaha. Sarah Palin. ahahaha

'America, get there early because hope don't park your mother fucking car'
-Jon Stewart referring to Obama's DNC acceptance speech.


P.S. I'm bad.