Wednesday, May 14

Would You Love Me Even If I Didn’t Have Eyebrows?

Because I've always been quite self-conscience about them. I've been thinking of waxing them off completely---then I wouldn't have to worry.

I'm at school right now, sitting at one of the fancy computers trying to remember things. Life has been going by remarkabl fast and I couldn't be happier (insert 'simply, couldn't be happier' without underlying hints of depression and guilt. Believe me, there is nothing to feel sad about).
It’s strange, this excess of nostalgia--- so poignant, so evident--- as I walk down the corridors. People that I’ve barely know---nameless faces scattered throughout the years---are smiling and waving as if we were long lost friends. I can literally see the stress melt away, burdens being buried in the past. We are moving forward, the worlds tremble on my lips. Bitter sweet and condescending, I have to wonder if these feelings of uncertainty and awkwardness will ever disappear. I wonder if high school was the catalyst of it all, or if it’s something inside me. Well, we’ll find out soon enough.
You’re the bubble gum stuck to the bottom of my Soul,
Save me, and not in the way of religion.
I’m not a slacker, I’m artistic. I’m also unmotivated---which pretty much coincides with the former.
I’m not sure if I’ll miss this place. I don’t think so. I don’t think I ever truly settled. I don’t think I ever will.
I keep having this fantasy where I publish the book I’m currently working on and I have enough money to pay for SLC. Then I’d get out of here and this and away from them and be done with it all. Pathetic, ey? I know.

It's suddenly become very loud in the library. I think that's my que to leave.


P.S. will post better blog with nifty pictures once I get home. I'm not planning on studying for Econs. today...or ever for that matter.

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