Monday, May 5

Trees, Trees, Trees!

I don’t really have much to say lately.

I had a sarcasm OVERLOAD after going to Asima’s talent show. I’m telling you, it was ridiculous. It seemed as if every kid invited their entire family plus their neighborhood. I was expecting some radically sweet performances---what with a full house and all.

But of course, elementary school functions disappoint just as much high school ones. They’ve just got mini-people involved. And not midgets. Kids. By the end of the night, I was ready to shoot the next douchbaggette to defile my stage with a subpar performance of Hannah Montana lip synching.

Boy who smiles does not like me. He acknowledges my existence, at best. I’m too childish, I guess. At least that’s what he said. Not in a condescending way, but in a ‘haha. No one can take you seriously. You’re childish’ way. Which is true. I am quite childish and proud. Viva la youth!

I’m going into the business of drawing henna tattoos. Interested? I’m giving up my post secondary education and am applying for work at IOA. That way, I can wear a gypsy suit ALL the time. You should come visit me one day.

My room is a war zone. I’m just too scared to go in there and clean it---lest the monsters try and get me. There is definitely something living on my couch, hidden under mounds of clothes, books, scattered papers, cough drop wrappers, and used tissues. I can’t even find my knitting needles and it’s driving my hands crazy.

We had our gov’t test at UCF today. Though the campus is lackluster in history and character, it has beautiful trees. By the fountain, there are these gorgeous oak trees littered about the grounds. I went up to each one and introduced myself.

I’m sure we’ll be great friends.

In elementary school, there was this huge oak tree out front and I would play on it every single day before going home. I’d hide acorns or pretend I was a pirate jumping from ship to ship or act like I was an international spy on a secret mission. I’d leave maps for the squirrels to find acorn booty. Or I’d let the tree cradle me as I did my homework.

Those were happy times for me.

Maybe UCF won’t be that bad. I mean, they have beautiful trees that remind me so much of my childhood.

Insert amusing musing.

-Cheers! P.S. Here are some pictures from senior awards night.

Me & the Dad

That's my Mum...we're suppose to be related.
The Friends.

The 'no more effing pictures!' look

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