Saturday, May 24

Broken Records & Empty Words...

Everyone thinks they’re a superb singer in the shower.
It’s a proven
But let me just tell you now, friend: you aren’t. Neither am I.

We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things…
What a flaming disappointment. I think my heart exploded with so much dissatisfaction. I was expecting something beautiful and effortless. I had expected him to plaster his soul about my wall through the speakers.

There was a certain lack of wit. Hell, there was a lack of inspiration. It was all so commercial and phony.

Where was the spark of genius? Did he suddenly decide to tuck his heart inside his sleeve and move on from there?


I feel like this album was made just to appease a starving record company. I want to believe that he hasn’t completely sold out, that he’ll make that acoustic album and everything will be alright again.

For now, my guitar gently weeps for you, Jason Mraz--- you who have forgotten music in your pursuit of pot and groupies. I hope you’re proud.

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Ann said...

AH! He sold out? NO! Poor dear, you ought to write him a long, disparaging note. Cheer up though dear, least you have the memories (and the old songs). Commercialism can't destroy that.