Wednesday, January 23

Frosting Over Disaster...

La Violette:
Sir, your father is here.
Don Juan:
Well, how opportune! It’s just what was needed to drive me out of my mind.

I’ve been acting quite odd lately—fits of mad giggling, strange gurgling sounds, and outlandish facial expressions.

Yes, quite out of the ordinary.

Perhaps I've had too many cupcakes.
I act like such an idiot sometimes. And I'd like to explain myself. It's just that I don't have a good reason.

I’m scared, friend. But I feel like a wind-up doll. I always say such things. I’ve said them so often that people disregard my words completely and refuse to take me seriously.

Please don’t question my sincerity. You can say that I’m mad, or stupid, or silly, but you can’t say that I’m insincere. I genuinely love you, and I honestly hate you----all to the same person, dear.
I hate the way my mum says drama. Like it's a swear. It's the same way my dad says Harry Potter.
Silly little girl, who thought that because her mum volunteered to chaperon Districts, that they
were making huge steps towards a healthy and functioning relationship.
Ah, you idealists slay me.

School That Shall Not Be Named makes me really sad. Why do dreams have to be THIS painful? I think I’d settle for ‘almost makes you want to jump off a bridge’ syndrome instead of this ‘…wasting away in madness here! Let’s burry me alive, ey?’ condition.


P.S. I got my official UCF acceptance letter today. Bye, bye dream!

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v2d5p3s0 said...

"drama" and "harry potter"